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My name is Jahmaad Harrell. My name means that I am highly prasied or one who canstantly thanks God.
I am currently enrolled in Ms. Sartn's Personal Fianance and her Keybaorading class. I have laerned many things this
year and I am looking forward to learning many new things that can help me down the raod in college and also in life so
that I will make the corrrect descions. I hope that making this Wiki account can better help my knowledge so that I can apply
the things I have learned on here to my prior knowledge.

I think that internet safety is a big deal because without knowing the cautions on the computer you can lose all of your
pesonal information.


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I dont know any other way but to lead by example on and off the field.. - Don Shula

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1.) Education

"Tall Order: Universities paid to teach DC respect for different viewpoints." The Daily Caller


The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) has given a consortium of universities $400,000 to promote
civility in politics. That may seems a tall order, given the political incivility dished out by many universities towards conservatives and libertarians. The respect of people's opinion is being questioned.


2.) Technology

"More drivers texting behind wheel, despits state bans" Joan Loway (2011)

For all the criticism and new legal bans, textingby drivers just keeps increasing, especially among younger motorists.
About half of American drivers between 21 and 24 say they've thumbed messages or emailed from the driver's seat.
This is becoming more of a big concern that will affect everybody.


3.) Learning with Games

"Student Learning Game- Rhyme Race" Heather Cairreo, Yahoo News (2011)

A student has created a rhyming game for kids on a website that can help kids with pronunciation. The student
that created the wesite in order to help kids with grammar. The student is from California and attends Stanford University.
He has hopes that the website will be able to benefit many younger students in need of help.


4.) Own Topic

"Tebow, Broncos beat Bears 13-10 in overtime"

Just when it seemed like the Bears were about to end the Broncos hot streak the Bears couldn't
play keep away with them. Tebow improved to 7-1 since taking over as the starter in Denver, and six of those wins have involved second-half comebacks, five of them necessitating fourth-quarter rallies, three of which went to overtime. The Broncos have made a lot of comebacks and throughout the time the Broncos have continued to give their thanks
to the only person they can... GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


5.) Quizzes for your subject


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